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Whether you choose a short-term or long-term career goal, count on our support to help set you up for success.

“Working with Allisha as a career coach has been such an amazing experience. Her honesty and professionalism has truly contributed to such positive growth in my personal and professional development. Many moments I felt I was being supported by a friend and that helped me to open up and truly receive the help I needed. I highly recommend working with Allisha.”

Briana A.S.,International Performer & Entrepreneur, Belgium

“Allisha helped me to develop a great resume that captured the very essence of skills and experience I wanted for my next career move. In doing that she did not just tap into my capabilities but also boosted my overall confidence and fit for a senior role.

Once I had shared the basic details, Allisha coached through my resume twice helping me to understand the essential features of a resume, and doing some great profiling for me. She ran me through key words of the job profile and portrayed the related experiences through situation based impact analyses. She also saw to it that I was careful on the formatting and layout.

Allisha is an excellent career expert who understands different skills across senior roles. As a coach she had helped me to build my moral. I’ve never experienced anyone who can revamp a resume with the overall soundness as she did.”

Imali J., Global Leadership & Development Professional, Singapore

“My coaching sessions with Allisha were always an eye-opener in one way or another. Her powerful questioning offered different perspectives and led to meaningful and profound insights in myself that allowed me to overcome my obstacles and limiting beliefs, and that I keep in mind to this day”

Katrien, Certified Translator, Brussels, Belgium

“Allisha is an exceptional coach. I was looking for a new job, and had lost all my confidence in myself and my abilities. Our sessions provided me with so many insights and necessary mindset shifts. She expertly guided me to the places I needed to go in order to trigger transformation on a deeper level. Her approach is subtle, gentle and direct. I felt I was in very good hands, and that she was invested in giving me all that I needed from the sessions. Her career consulting sessions were the cherry on the cake, where she shared great strategic tips to help me with my job search. I now feel a lot more confident and knowledgeable and I can approach my job search in a much more empowered and skilful way. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Allisha”

Ariane P., Music Executive, Spain.

“I was not familiar with the term self-discovery coaching. I just trusted Allisha to guide me through my own working experience using her relevant questioning, which helped me map and identify skills and push forward my priorities and preferences. She's gifted with outstanding listening and analysis skills and excelled in turning my working experience and values into my professional profile, skills and competencies.  With her remarkable writing and editing skills, Allisha has also been instrumental in revamping my resume. She was always available to answer all of my questions, and even went the extra mile advising me on my career plan. Allisha helped me to gain clarity on my next professional step and confirm the adequacy between my working experience and my professional expectations (seniority and responsibilities of the positions I have been applying for). I am delighted with our collaboration, will use her services again, and recommend her without any hesitation”

Affy D., NGO Program Leader, Geneva

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