Supplementary Leadership Services

Assessments and Interpretations:

We recommend the right leadership assessments for the Unique You. Through Expert interpretation you will gain invaluable insight into who your leadership style and how to put it into practice.

Trainings for Team Leaders:

Everyone wonders what it takes to become a great leader. But actually, it is relatively easy, all it needs is focus, commitment and consistency. It’s very tempting to postpone it, especially when you need to continue delivering on the day to day…
You can invest a lot of time and energy to fail and learn or you could simply bring your team leaders for a 2.5 day accelerated practical training using our 5-dimensional leadership framework.
Why wait? This training is ideal for new team leaders and can be adapted for more experienced team leaders who are struggling with new challenges.

On the job Active-Coaching for Team Leaders:

Training is only one dimension to the learning cycle. To enhance and sustain leadership skills, nothing beats experiential learning. Through our on-the-job Active-Coaching, one of our experienced coaches will accompany your leader one day a week to support, observe and give invaluable feedback and tips on the 5-dimensions of our leadership framework.
We offer different packages depending on scope and needs. We will be pleased to make a proposal based on your needs
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