Support Professionals to define, plan and achieve their career aspirations enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives

Create a space where every client could explore and discover their unique career possibilities


You are unique, your career is unique, your life is unique.

Your unique identity is at the core of your every thought, feeling and action. Through profound modern career coaching, you can unveil your unique identity, revealing your powerful and creative qualities to drive you forward, while learning to manage weak and destructive beliefs, habits and behaviours which are unconsciously holding you back…

Finding the uniqueness in you, can lead you to challenge your thinking, feelings and actions resulting in remarkable changes in how you view and manage your career, and your overall quality of life.

Whether you live the corporate life or you are a business owner; whether you have lost your job, lost direction or you want to change your career; whether you are getting ready for retirement or do not want to retire yet, give yourself permission to find your uniqueness, give yourself permission to realise that which only you can visualise, give yourself permission to be the unique you…

Get ready to enter a space where you could explore and discover your unique career possibilities.

Define your career identity, create your career portfolio, build your personal brand, and get ready for employers and the world to discover you…

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What is Career Coaching?

Most Professionals do not seek coaching simply because they do not know what career coaching is and how a Career Coach can support them.

One way to know is to reflect on a few questions.

What kind of job are you seeking? What’s your job search strategy? How ready are you to ace an interview and seal an offer? Can you demonstrate your skills? How confident are you in talking about your current situation? How stressed and frustrated are you? How long do you plan to keep trying on your own?

What makes you search for a promotion? Do you feel fairly compensated for your expertise, experience and skills? Do you feel like you could be doing something more impactful? How does your career support your lifestyle? What is your desired lifestyle? How often do you think about that promotion? How long do you plan to keep trying on your own?

What’s your career identity? What’s your vision and purpose? How aligned are your values with what you want to do? How clear are you on what you want to do? What’s your desired lifestyle? Are you stuck in indecision? What’s your long-term career plan? How long do you plan to keep trying on your own?

Regardless of which category you find yourself in, our Unique You© 3-Phase coaching methodology ensures that your needs and objectives are met.

Still unsure about what career coaching is and how our programs can support your career development & management, and ultimately accelerate your next career move?

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Discover Possibilities
Discover how we can support you to achieve your career aspirations through coaching and mentoring…

Allisha and her team can support you in:
  • discovering and designing your career journey, always ready for your next move
  • discovering how you could lead and make an impact in any career path
  • discovering how best you could design and manage your career and life


• Get paid for what you love doing, what you are good at, what your community and the world need
• Discover and exercise your Purpose through your Passion, Mission, and Profession
• Find your unique Career path and start blazing your trail


• Identify and develop your unique personal and professional leadership style
• Develop and practise your leadership skills to lead in any career path
• Define and portray your leadership style in any situation


• Define what matters most to you, define your quality of life criteria
• Create your unique definition of your life intertwined with your career, role as a leader, well-being, family and community
• Start living your unique career and life by design


Our clients are proud investors in themselves and they know best what we do

Allisha loves to see her clients surprise themselves!

Whether you choose a short-term or long-term career goal, count on our support to help set you up for success

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